Undergraduate Students

As new members of the School of Chemistry, you have secured your place within an institution renowned for its pioneering research and high-standard of teaching. All the necessary information to help with you arrival is located on this page.

For more information and a place to ask questions about your new new department and university visit our Facebook page.

Welcome Week Schedule

Please arrive at the Chemistry Building at 12:00 on Monday 18th September.

Welcome Week Timetable 2017 contains the agenda, times and locations of all the events during your first week at university. We encourage our students to attend all of the events, as they have been crafted to give all students the best possible start.


Students making ice-cream with liquid nitrogen, led by PASS.

PASS, Peer Assisted Study Scheme, is a student-led, weekly study session where first years are aided in their learning by third and fourth year students. As well as providing extra support for academic studies; PASS run various events, such as making ice-cream using liquid nitrogen. More information can be found here.

Get Ready

The University provides advice, in the form of the Crucial Guide, for life outside of Chemistry; from finding a house, what health services are available and help on how to budget. There are also tips on how to be successful throughout your academic life and information specifically for international students.

Course Units

The structure of your degree may be very different from how you may have experienced an academic year before. All the information on compulsory and optional courses, as well as an explanation as to how the credit system works can be found here.

Mathematics Diagnostic Test

Any students who wish to enroll on MATHS19641 course must take the Mathematics Diagnostic Test, which determines whether students require support with specific mathematical topics and sets in place the diagnostic follow-up procedure.

As part of this follow-up, students are assigned one or two topics. Students will also be directed towards various resources on these topics. The follow-up exercise concludes with a short computerised assignment which must be completed by the end of week 4 and which counts towards the assessment for the course.

This example Maths Diagnostic Test can be used to give you an idea of the format and style.

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