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Keeping everyone safe around the school of chemistry

Chemistry student wearing safety goggles

In the field of health and safety, as in teaching and research, we seek to achieve the highest standards. We pursue this because it is in our best interests, and to comply with current legislation. The effective management of health and safety, leading to fewer accidents involving injury and time off work is an investment that helps us to achieve our purposes in respect of excellence in our other endeavours. The School accepts the philosophy that all accidents are preventable and that nothing is so urgent or important that it is worth risking injury to any employee, contractor, visitor or member of the public.

We encourage all staff to set a high standard of safety by personal example so that students and other researchers accept good safety practice as normal and desirable.

Effective control of health and safety within the school is achieved through informed individual responsibility and cooperative effort at all levels of the School and indeed the University. The School continuously promotes improvement in health and safety performance to meet all relevant laws and regulations via the health and safety committee. The School Safety Advisor or any member of the safety committee can be approached to provide specific advice on safety matters.

The School will provide necessary and sufficient information and training in respect of health and safety for its members and will allocate appropriate resources.

The School's health and safety policy is reviewed annually - and more frequently if required - to take into account changes in the law, activities and personnel. It is available to all members of the School on the Chemistry safety pages and a copy is posted on the Health and Safety noticeboard by the main stores

All students must complete the online health and safety course before they can begin work in the laboratories.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate taught students must access CHEM19030/69030 Health and Safety option in Blackboard, the university’s online learning environment.

Once you have access to My Manchester, go to the ‘Blackboard’ and click on the CHEM19030 link.

This content will be accessible to you from Monday 11th September onwards.

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