Teaching Venues

‌The majority of first year lectures will take place in Chemistry G.51 on the ground floor of the Chemistry building. Lectures in non-Chemistry subjects will take place in a variety of locations across the campus, so please consult your timetable and the campus map so that you are sure where to go for your classes. 

Some of the main locations used are:


No. 61 on Campus Map


No. 53 on Campus Map


No. 59 on Campus Map


No. 35 on Campus Map

Bridgeford Street     

Teaching Labs

3 people working in a chemistry lab

The Chemistry teaching labs are housed on the first and second floors of the Chemistry Building‌ and were opened in the autumn of 2006. Students are split into lab groups of around 12 students, and you will conduct work each week either in the floor 1 lab, the floor 2 lab or the computer cluster, depending on the experiment you are undertaking.

Library Facilities

Entrance to the John Rylands University Library

The John Rylands University Library of Manchester (JRULM) is one of the largest academic libraries in the country. It has extensive reference and borrowing facilities, including an excellent Short Loan Collection which contains core texts and other in-demand material from taught courses and associated essay work.

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