Sebastian Mjornstedt

Sebastian Mjornstedt

The part of my degree that I enjoy the most is the laboratory sessions.


How did you decide on your degree choice? What appealed about Manchester?

For me, my degree choice at the University of Manchester was an easy decision as I have always been interested in science and particularly chemistry.  Manchester is one of the leading universities in chemical research in the UK, which helped me to decide.

What were your first impressions of the university and the city?

During my freshers week I realised quickly that Manchester is a lively and vibrant city that any student will enjoy. There is always something to do and you hardly ever feel alone. I found that staying in student halls was the easiest way to make friends and create a comfortable environment from which to start my degree programme. Although I felt slightly apprehensive about beginning the course, the chemistry department eased us in to the programme and this reassured me that I had chosen the right degree.

What are you most enjoying about your course?

The part of my degree that I enjoy the most is the laboratory sessions. It was a little bit daunting in the beginning of my first year to work in such a big laboratory, compared to the lab we used in college. However, after a couple of weeks, thanks to the excellent help and advice from postgraduate demonstrators and laboratory technicians, I started to feel more comfortable in the lab and as a result the lab sessions have become a lot more enjoyable!

What skills and attributes do you think you have gained from your course and co-curricular activities so far?

During my time studying Chemistry at Manchester I have acquired a number of essential transferable skills ranging from team-working skills and poster presentations to fundamental maths skills and scientific research skills. In my own opinion, chemistry is a broad subject that teaches you techniques and skills that you will most definitely benefit from later in life, whichever profession you choose.

How do you think you are benefitting from studying at Manchester?

The University of Manchester is one of the top universities in the world and has a great international reputation, especially the School of Chemistry from where many Nobel Prize winners have emerged.

The help and feedback that is received from the department through tutorial sessions, workshops and academic online activities is terrific and should be utilised to its full potential.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for the same course that you took?

Although there are plenty of academic challenges for anyone who applies to study chemistry here, don’t let that put you off making the University of Manchester your first choice.  It is an exciting and active city and one of the best student cities in the UK with countless nightclubs and pubs.

I have also found that I have enough free time during term to get involved in extra curricular activities such as sports and music.

I have never regretted my choice to come to Manchester to study chemistry and I urge future undergraduates to seriously consider commencing their degree at the University of Manchester.

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