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Here at the School of Chemistry we like to keep in touch with students after they leave us. If you have graduated and would like to keep up to date with your old friends, find out our latest news or tell us yours then you can email us, take a look at our events, or contact our University Alumni Office.

Chris Worrall


Meet Chris Worrall

The ability to help our customers to solve their scientific problems and to enhance the probability that their drug will make it to market is very gratifying. To see a drug molecule being used to treat patients after you have had a direct influence on its development is immensely satisfying.


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Catherine Bragg

Senior Medical Writer at Knowledgepoint360.

James Senior

James is a Research Scientist with SWITCH Materials Inc.

Sheeba Jem Irudayam

Sheeba is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of North Carolina.

Liam Abrahamsen

Liam is a Senior Research Technologist at the National Nuclear Laboratory.

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