Dr. Ilya Strashnov Head of Laboratory
Mrs. Carole Webb (HPLC, GC, GCMS)
Dr. Clive Raynor (Electrospray)
Mr. Gareth Smith (Electrospray, QTOF-micro accurate mass, EI/CI accurate mass, QTOF APCI, MALDI, GCMS)
Mr. Mohammed Maqsood (Electrospray, QTOF-micro accurate mass)
Mr. Roger Speak (MS software, data handling)

Tel. 0161 255 4583 (GC and HPLC lab.); 0161 255 4583 (office); 0161 275 4599 (MS lab.)

Thermo Finnigan MAT95XP sector MS with electron/chemical ionisation ion source
Waters QTOF-micro coupled with Agilent Technologies, 1260 Infinity HPLC. Both this and the Thermo Finnigan MAT95XP are used for accurate mass determination, less than 5 ppm RMS.
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