Mass Spectroscopy Service

The mass spectrometry laboratory is housed in GE.003 in the Chemistry Building and provides a range of state of the art instrumentations that staff and students may use. We deal with well over 15000 samples of different kind a year and work hard constantly improving the analytical techniques we use. Open weekdays from 8:00am to 4.00 pm.

Mass-Spectrometers and Techniques Available:

  • Waters SQD2 (Q-MS with ES+ , ES- and APCI source);
  • Waters QTOF micro (Q-TOF reflectron with ES +- ion source, accurate mass determination <5ppm RMS);
  • Waters QTOF micro with lock spray (Q-TOF reflectron with ES+- and APCI ion source, accurate mass determination <5 ppm RMS);
  • Shimadzu Axima Confidence (MALDI TOF mass spectrometer);
  • Thermo Finnigan MAT95XP (sector MS with electron/ chemical ionisation ion source, accurate mass determination);
  • Agilent 5975C Triple Axis GCMS (GC MS, electron/ chemical ionisation);
  • Hewlet Packard 5971 MSD (GCMS/ MS, electron ionisation only).


  • Agilent Technologies 1260 Infinity (HPLC, we have 5 of these + one 1200 series, some of them are coupled with the mass spectrometers from the list above);
  • Hewlet Packard 1100, HPLC;
  • Thermo Scientific, Trace 1310 GC;
  • Thermo Scientific, Master GC;
  • Finnigan Forms GC.
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