CAMERA: Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy at the University of Manchester

The academics working within the National EPR Facility have taken part in the School of Chemistry's CAMERA project- Chemistry at Manchester Explains Research Advances. Watch the below video to see more!


A three day Advanced EPR Workshop was held, 21- 23 rd January 2015.

Success for first Advanced Workshop in EPR

It was attended by over 30 attendees and included three outside speakers. Topics included Spin Hamiltonian to Spectrum and EasySpin Master Class by Stefan Stoll (University of Washington), S > ½ and Exchange Coupling by Eric McInnes, the Spin Echo, ESEEM/HYSCORE, ENDOR, DEER by Alistair Fielding, Transient EPR by Christiane Timmel (University of Oxford) and EPR in Quantum Information Processing by Arzhang Ardavan (University of Oxford).

The Workshop was well received by the students

Practising Spectroscopy at the May workshop

The 5th Introductory Workshop on the Theory and Practice of EPR spectroscopy hosted by the EPSRC UK National Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Service at The University of Manchester in the Photon Science Institute during 19th May – 23th May 2014 was a great success.

We will be running another workshop shortly, please keep an eye on the Events section for further updates.

New Biological EPR Group

The Fielding EPR Group is now fully up-and-running, based within the EPSRC National EPR Research Facility and Service. The group specializes in applying the latest EPR techniques to structural, mechanistic and kinetic biological questions. Photo (from left to right) Abigail Shaw (current Mchem), Georgina Hewit (current MChem), Alistair Fielding (PI), Graham Heaven (BBSRC DTP, MChem University of Manchester), Michael Hollas (EPSRC DTA, MChem University of Oxford), Maria Concilio (Bruker Studentship, MPhil University of Manchester).

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