New Access Arrangements

As you may be aware we have signed a new contract with the EPSRC to continue the National EPR Facility at the University of Manchester.

This has necessitated a major change in access arrangements. Previously, we have been free at point-of-use. This will be replaced by a charging system. You should now request such costs on research proposals. A key point for those planning research proposals to the EPSRC is that the access charges do NOT add to the FEC cost of your grant (we are listed on Je-S under Research Council Facilities).

As ever, the first step of any application is to have a conversation with the Facility staff. We can advise on the process from there.

We encourage all interested researchers to contact the EPR Facility in the first instance as usage charges will be temporarily evaluated on a case-by-case basis while the EPR Facility is in a transitional phase.

Access Charges for the EPSRC National EPR Facility


EPSRC-funded researchers: £825 per day

Non-EPSRC funded researchers: £1250 per day

Industry: £1500 per day

These figures will be reviewed annually.


How to apply for access and funding.

Applicants will be in one of three categories:

  1. EPSRC-funded applicants
  2. Non-EPSRC (all other RCUK, charity, etc) funded applicants
  3. Industry


 1.       EPSRC-funded applicants

(i) New grant applications to EPSRC including access charge funding.

Step One: Application

PI lists EPR Facility in JeS. Select ‘EPSRC’ in dropdown box on JeS. In the “Research Council Facilities” section select “EPSRC National Service for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy”. Enter “Units” - the number of days’ access being requested - and “Cost” - calculated as units ´ EPSRC rate. The number of units should be discussed with Facility staff.  The access charges do NOT appear as an additional cost on the proposal. Applicants will also require a Technical Annex from the Facility, to be submitted as an attachment with the proposal, which will confirm the access arrangements and the feasibility of the proposed experiments. 

 Step Two: Award

When the grant is awarded the PI should inform the Facility. The Facility will report to the EPSRC on no. of days used per quarter, and the access charges will be transferred from the EPSRC (via PO) to the University of Manchester (UoM). The total number of days for the grant will be limited to that requested in the original proposal.

 Note: PIs that have EPSRC grants funded, but that did not explicitly request EPR Facility time, will be charged at the EPSRC rate via invoice. Access requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Facility management board (MB). The PI and Facility staff will decide on required days & hence cost.

 (ii) Current EPSRC grants, i.e. funded prior to date of announcement of new costing rules (19/7/2017).

We will honour free at point-of-use commitments to such users up until the end date of the grant. Where users included consumables costs, these will be transferred to UoM via invoice/PO (or internal transfer if UoM grant).

 (iii) Exemptions to charging

  • EPSRC DTG- or CDT-funded PhD students will not be charged, as they have no additional funding mechanism.
  • Limited (1-2 days) exemptions for feasibility studies to support EPSRC applications, or rapid addressing of referees’ comments. Access requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the MB.


 2.       Non-EPSRC (all other RCUK, charity, etc) funded applicants

New applications for funding

Step One: Application

For non-EPSRC RCUK applications, costs for EPR Facility access should be included under “Other Directly Incurred”, charged at non-EPSRC rate. Number of days access to be discussed with Facility staff. For applications to charities, etc, these costs should be included under the equivalent heading.

 Step Two: Award

When grant is awarded, the PI informs the Facility, and UoM Finance raise an invoice against the PI’s institution; PI’s institution raises a PO.


 3.       Industry

  • Industrial contact speaks with Facility staff to discuss how many days of access they require.
  • Industrial contact raises a PO, based on non-EPSRC rate; UoM Finance raises an invoice.
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