Apply to service

Making an application

We accept applications at any time. Users are encouraged to contact Facility staff to discuss their project and Facility requirements prior to submitting a formal application form.

Once you have have discussed your project with Facility staff please use the following link to complete the EPR application form 

What happens next?

When your application is approved, you will be contacted by a member of the Facility staff to arrange the experiments. You will also be given a password and username for our online sample tracking system. All samples must be accompanied by a COSHH form.

Sample prioritisation and scheduling:

The requests for time will be prioritised according to:

  1. EPSRC funded grant or contract holder
  2. Other peer-reviewed RCUK funded grant-holders
  3. Pilot study for EPSRC application
  4. Other peer-reviewed non-RCUK grant holders (e.g. Wellcome, Leverhulme, CRUK).
  5. Pilot study for non-EPSRC application
  6. Industrial (non-EPSRC supported)
  7. Other

Work will be prioritised and scheduled on a rolling one-month basis by the Facility Executive Committee (FEC). If your project is part of a funded application to EPSRC (or other UK Research Council), where EPR was in the case for support, or if the project is part of a contractual agreement with EPSRC, then use of the Service is guaranteed. Non peer-review funded projects will be referred to the ISC for independent assessment.

Project scheduling by the FEC will be on the basis of:

  • Project prioritisation
  • Nature of sample (e.g. stability)
  • Commonality of process setting (e.g. grouping samples for measurement for a given frequency/technique)
  • Criticality of research (e.g. need to respond rapidly to referees’ comments)
  • Facility capacity
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