National EPR Facility and Service

Dear user of the EPSRC National EPR Facility,

As you may be aware we have signed a new contract with the EPSRC to continue the National EPR Facility at the University of Manchester. We emailed previously about this and noted that this required a major change in access arrangements.

Previously, we have been free at point-of-use. This will be replaced by a charging system. You should now request such costs on research proposals. The new rules, which have been set through discussion with the EPSRC, can be found at our website here. A key point for those planning research proposals to the EPSRC is that the access charges do NOT add to the FEC cost of your grant.  We are listed on Je-S under Research Council Facilities as EPSRC National Service for Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and will require a technical annex.

As ever, the first step of any application is to have a conversation with the Facility staff. We can advise on the process from there.

Yours sincerely,

Prof David Collison

Prof Eric McInnes

Dr Floriana Tuna

Dr Alistair Fielding

The EPSRC EPR National Service provides EPR measurement and analysis services to colleges and universities within the United Kingdom. Industrial usage can also be arranged. It is the policy of the Centre that suppliers of samples are encouraged to visit the Centre and to gain “hands on” experience.

Frequency (GHz): 1, 4, 9.5, 24, 34 and 94
Frequency Band: L-, S-, X-, K-, Q-, W-

Parallel and perpendicular at X-band

Temperature Range:
4.2 to 300 K all bands, to 500 K at X-band only

Crystal, powder, solution/glasses

Spectrum simulation using:
Weihe Software
Manchester Software

To contact the National EPR Facility and Service, please email:

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