Dr Peter Quayle, Prof Sven Schroeder, Prof Stephen Yeates - BP ICAM Funding

Dr Peter Quayle and Professors Sven Schroeder and Stephen Yeates, members of a consortium including the University of Manchester, University of Cambridge, University of Illinois (Urbana Champaign) and Imperial College, have been awarded a BP-ICAM grant which will investigate fundamental aspects of the chemistry of aggregates which are of importance in the oil and natural gas industries. 

The programme (Towards a Fundamental Understanding of Carbonaceous Deposits in the Oil and Gas Industry) will run from 2014-2019 and will comprise of 5 PhDs and 8 PDRAs (total grant of £ 3.85M). UoM Chemistry has been awarded 2 PhDs and 2 PDRAs (£0.97M) and are tasked with the synthesis and characterisation of ashphaltene standards. In addition, Mark Little, currently a PG student with Stephen Yeates, has also been awarded an EPS Doctoral Fellowship (Petroleomics: Approaches to the Chemical Speciation of Asphaltenes), starting April 2014. Mark will work on the development of synthetic routes to ahsphaltene-like molecules under the supervision of Peter Quayle.


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